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Who We Are

Be Marketable is a premier consulting agency specializing in customer acquisition, in-store product launches, and promotions. We collaborate with some of the largest retail conglomerates in the world, including well-known names like Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club, to offer their customers a distinctive shopping experience. Our team members are rigorously trained and well-educated, ensuring they provide the best information needed for customers to make informed decisions for themselves and their families. All our campaigns are executed directly within the retail locations of our partners, and have consistently proven to fiercely increase sales of our clients’ products and services.

What We Do

Be Marketable aims for expansion and ambitious goals, leading the northwest in strategic thinking and implementation. By breaking our company vision down into specific goals, Be Marketable is able to make use of teamwork to accomplish all organizational objectives. Be Marketable’s team is comprised of problem solvers and strategic thinkers who work as one entity to move the company in the direction of all corporate objectives. Company goals typically include revamping loyalty in the retail industry; revitalizing Fortune 100 companies’ marketing programs to increase consumer loyalty and representing the top brands in the home entertainment industry. At Be Marketable, our commitment to teamwork helps promote the accomplishment of each objective that is established.

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Our Mission

At Be Marketable, our mission is to impact every individual that we come into contact with positively. We have established a system that gives all of our employees the necessary tools to achieve their personal and career goals, all while educating them on our industry’s goals for the future. We want our team to think big, have a constant thirst for knowledge and provide others with a chance to do the same. In this cut-throat marketing industry, we aren’t focused on tearing others down like some of our competitors. We only look to build others up and never underestimate the potential that every one of our team members can bring to our company and the Chicagoland community. Our main focus is on building our empire beyond its limits and seeing just how high our business can grow.

Our Values


Be Marketable proudly reflects the many faces, cultures, and characteristics that construct our world. We celebrate the exclusive collection of qualities and viewpoints that differentiates each person and makes them unique. By bringing diverse individuals together, we are able to collectively and more effectively tend to the needs of our nationwide clientele that encompass an equally diverse market. Therefore, all of our partners and the marketing strategies that we produce must reflect this core value.

Future Expansions

Be Marketable believes that the benefits of outsourcing have become more widely recognized by US businesses. More and more businesses are coming to the realization that they can work in partnership with locally based outsourced companies to develop plans for sales growth that align with their own goals and objectives. They can then focus on other initiatives while leaving their marketing efforts in the capable hands of our experts. This increased demand for outsourcing by large businesses is what motivates Be Marketable to focus on the urgent development of our employees. The more leaders we have, the more clients we can draw in, and the faster our business can grow.

Personal Development

Be Marketable offers hands-on training in customer service, marketing, branding, sales, financials, and management. We are determined to obtain Chicago’s best personnel for our team. It’s for this reason that our development model is focused on driven individuals with leadership skills and management potential. By pushing our candidates to step outside of their comfort zones while practicing their newly acquired skills alongside more advanced team members, they achieve fantastic goals in short amounts of time.

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